IBIZa yoga life 

My 4 th year here on Ibiza Yoga located at Cala Benirras. And its as always a pleasure to be here! So many new friends that I feel some of them will be really good close friends. I also planning for this springs retreat and I have allready set the new dates for Sardinia read more HERE. We will defently do more retreats in Ibiza aswell since this travel sold out in just a couple of weeks! I am also exploring new ground in Marroco and thinking of doing a retreat again in my beloved Almeria, I miss the Tapas! It's all in progress... 

I also look forward to Thailand where you will find me and my classes at beautiful Orion Healing Center! LINK 

Soon the 2 nd week of teaching is over and it's incredible how fast time goes! I found myself into a rythm that is almost too good to be true! 

8.30 Rise and eat breakfast 
10.00-13.00 Teaching Yoga 
13.00-14.00 Eat a big lunch, drinking coffea, chit chatting with my students
14.00-15.00 A little siesta
15.00-17.30 Beachtime/working on my laptop
17.30 Snack
18.00-20.00 Sunset and my own Yoga/meditation practice
20.30 Dinner time often our voulenteer Francesco Cook an amazing pasta! 

I could really keep doing this for a long time! 
All the best two all of you! 

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