Be successful! Be beautiful! Be social skilled! Be perfect! We have been programmed to think that success, materialism and beauty will give us happiness. Because in the end, that is what every single person in this world want, to be happy.

But what is happiness then? The truth is that happiness is a feeling, just like any other feeling. Created by yourself. And where does feelings come from? Feelings is a product of thoughts and thoughts becomes feelings and feelings becomes actions and these actions becomes your life! By changing the way we think we can create the life that we want.


Back to happiness, the thing that all people in the world want! It sounds very easy (and in one way it really is) just change your way to think and get the life you want. But the mind is not always so easy to control, we think around 60.000 of thoughts everyday and if we where going to try to control them all we would either be crazy or exhausted. The trick is to accept, to surrender, not to evaluate, to bring your attention out from yourselves and see things in a bigger picture. Never try to control the thoughts, witness them, as a movie playing on the screen. And know that the witness watching your mind is your true self. You are your own god. You can take the remote control and pause or start or change movie whenever you like!

To reach this kind of awareness of the mind we can use two very beautiful tools, yoga and meditation. Yoga to release our tensions, stress and fear stored in our muscle tissues and meditation to clear and empty our mind.

Many people might think that there is a quick fix for these things, but there is not. It is a practice, practice, practice, practice. But it will reward you greatly, and for each yoga lesson and meditation moment you give to yourself, the moore deeper clearer and beautiful your experince of life will be. YOU create your life. YOU create your happiness. Nothing or nobody else...