Private yoga Classes in london

To take private lessons is for you who wants to go deeper and learn to develop a more "yogic lifestyle". You might just be curious about yoga, or have a specific matter you want help with. I have with good results helped people with pain in their body, fitness, anxiety, insomnia, low self-esteem and eating disorders. Yoga can't replace therapy but it's an excellent tool to deal with the problems in a physical and spiritual way.

In our first session we have a small chat of what you like to work with and if there is anything in particular you like to have help with. We go through breathing tecniqs, sunsalutations, asanas and final relaxation together.

I make a specialized program for you that is easy to follow and that you could practice on until our next session. When we see each other next time we make a small evaluation and set up new "home assignments".

This is a very efficient way to improve your health and to give yourself and your body an extra special treat. We spend so much money on our looks outside but very little on our inside. In our western lifestyle with all pressure and demands about career, success and looks it is easy to forget our true inner being, our natural state of mind, maybe some private sessions can help you to"kickstart" your inner journey. It would be a true pleasure if some of my yoga knowledge could help you to make a new step to a healthy happy life!



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Private yoga classes in London

Price: 50 £/ 60 min 
            65 £/ 90 min 

*More than 3 pax, extra cost 10 £ per extra pax. 

Yoga+Massage Package:
2 hours Yoga+ Massgage session 80 £