What is yoga?

Yoga is a very different thing for different people; some might enjoy it as a form of exercise while some use it as a tool to get in touch with their spiritual side. You go to a yoga class with your own perceptions, yoga is open for everyone no matter age, sex, fitness or purpose to do yoga.

From the beginning though yoga was a part of a path to self realization. The absolute enlightenment. This is a brief text of the yoga history.

Yoga could be tracked back the time before the Vedic culture around 5000 years ago. Originally the yoga comes from north-west India, known as the Indus valley. The Indus valley belonged to the Saravati-people. Their medicine culture was called Ayurveda. It was a complete system for the whole body to stay healthy. It included Healing herbs, Astrology, psychology, spirituality, yoga, meditation, mantra and surgery. The knowledge looked on the whole person in order to cure a disease. The knowledge is still known for being the holistic art of medicine. Yoga was an ayurvedic healing method, with its positive effects on the whole body and nervosystem.

The guru and yogamaster Patanjali was the first who gave yoga a structure. He wrote down this knowledge in a literature today known as yoga sutras and also yogas 8 limbs.


These texts were an exact system of how to preform raja yoga and reach selfrealizason. Raja Yoga was the foundation for Hatha yoga.


Hatha Yoga is the core of yoga and has developed to many different styles. From Hatha a new yoga form took place known as astanga vinyasa form of yoga which is a more dynamic. Vinyasa means movment. We also have another mayor yoga form called Kundalini yoga which is based on awaken the energy stored in our three lower chakras, called kundalini. This yoga is built on tantric tradition were special breathing teqnics are engaged into the practice to awake the kundalini and make it go upward towards our 4 higher chakras.



The whole system of yoga is built on three main structures: the postures, or Asanas, the breathing, or Pranayama, and meditation. To receive the maximum benefits of yoga you should practice all three. The word yoga means "to join or yoke together." Yoga brings the mind, body and spirit together.