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How to deal with anxiety & stress?
What is Anxiety and what is stress? Stress and anxiety is a very big and complexed thing to describe and can be caused by a million various factors. Stress and anxiety can be roughly explained as when we are in demanding situations (physical, mental or emotional) we releasing especially 3 main stress hormones Adrenaline, Cortisol, Norepinephrine this affect your breath, heart rate and body to go into a fight, flight or freeze mood.  This is nothing dangerous in matter of fact a bit of stress is healthy for us. The problem is when we are in constant stress and can’t hit the “OFF” bottom we become exhausted and it can lead into insomnia, depression or over all unbalance in our wellbeing.
I have been dealing with anxiety most of my life. Since an early age, I found it very hard to press the “OFF” bottom and struggled for a long time with sever insomnia. Thank god for this! This is one of the reason I got into yoga, meditation and healing. I also praise my sensitivity because it drives me to always develop and not be stagnant. It helps me to help others and one of the reasons to why I love to teach yoga as much as I do. I choose not to analyse so much when I have anxiety, I don’t ignore it but I try to not give it ALL of my attention and let it take over my whole life. I know “this too will pass” and as I see it most people struggling with something. For some people stress and anxiety manifest in other ways like sickness or pain in the body… We are humans and we live in a crazy world. Our modern lifestyle that developed the last 100 years is very fast-pased and very far from how the human kind lived for the last thousands of years! So give yourself a break! When we lived as hunters and gathers those stress hormones were essential for survival now we are dependent on another kind of survival. I will share my top 10 advise for how to deal with stress and anxiety.

1.     Release your inner cave man and release those stress hormones by moving your ass! Any kind of sport or activity that makes you break a sweat and make your heartrate go up will give you a boost of feel good! For men especially important to do something with all the testerone to be in balance.
2.     Dance, one of our oldest ritual traditions and in most cultures an essential part. Many associate dancing with party, drugs and alcohol but this is in the past! A whole new era of healing free movement dance is growing. Search for “ecstatic dance, liberating dance, osho dance, healing dance or shaking” and I am sure you find an event close to you! Or just do it at home crank up the music and express your soul in movement!
3.      Nature… Hello earth… Hello grounding… Hello stillness… Hello clarity… It’s simple go for a walk in the forest feel, touch, smell and taste. Back to basic. Nature is honest, rich, pure and full of wisdom.
4.     Yoga… One of the bi-effects of stress and anxiety is shorter breath. Spend 1,5 h breathing, stretching and opening space in your body. You will feel the affect instantly! It’s no hocus pocus, it works!
5.     Meditation… Stillness… Maybe hard and many times scary in the beginning. But when we learn how to observe ourselves and observe our thoughts we will learn to take a step back and CHOOSE what we react on instead of being a victim of our mind & ego.
6.     Priority in life. Have an honest conversation with yourselves what is important for you. Make a CONSIOUS decision of when it’s time to be productive and when it’s time to relax. Don’t fipple around in-between. Put your phone on soundless and honour your UNPLUGGED time.
7.     Lifestyle, look at your routines, sleeping patterns, what kind of food you eat, exercise, social life and work. Where is your biggest challenge? Can you do anything to live more balanced? It’s OK to not be healthy all the time again just make CONCIOUS decisions of how you live your life. What makes you happy?
8.     Small little rituals. Scented candles, oil-bath, favourite yogaclass, essential oils, luxurious calming teas. Find your everyday “ME-TIME”.
9.     Sharing… You are not alone to feel anxious, stressed or depressed. Don’t just put on a smile and pretend all is good. Sharing how you feel to others invites to inspiring conversations and deep friendships. To share how you feel is not to be weak, it takes a lot of courage to be real! If it’s hard for you to speak write, play music or create art. Whatever works for you let it out!
10. Acceptance, don’t TRY to be more calm or more peaceful. You are what you are. Like it like it is! You exactly where you need to be. Trust in life. It’s short make it count! Awareness is good but it’s not enough you need to learn LOVE & KINDNESS towards yourself. Be your own best friend. Selflove so important!

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