Happy Soul Yoga

For me the most important thing is that yoga is joyful and for everyone! I want all my students to feel energized, happy and relaxed after a class with me. I don't teach one particular style, I like to be free and creative and to teach from my heart.


It is a mixture of Hatha, Asthanga, Prana Vinyasa Flow, Kundali and oriental dance. I give a lot importance to the breath and shift between a flowing style til hold the positions longer. The joy from the movement in a gracious flow counteracted with holding positions for long and deep streaching, gives a nice contrast and makes the class physical yet full of awareness.


I am very inspired of our "natural state of being" the unforced movement that we might forgot somewhere during our way in life. To loose up our boundarys and come back to our true spirit.Therefore freemovement and liberating dance is also sometimes a part of my lessons. To dance is the purest of joy and best medicine!

In the end when we worked the whole body I make guided meditations and take you with me on fantasy adventures into our inner body to find our strength, joy and true selfs.