women's Temple

Women’s temple
Is an empowering space for women to grow individually and as a community. We host events, workshops & Retreats focusing on women’s wellbeing, motherhood and pregnancy. Every gathering will have a different theme and we call amazing healers/speakers/priestesses/yogis to come and share their wisdom. We also encourage YOU to dig into our own wisdom, finishing every sessions with a supportive sharing circle. Wild Women, Wise Women, All Women we call you to join our sisterhood!

Upcoming events

Peaceful Mama 9 th of Feb 
Mums to be this is a real treat for you! Step into a warm female nurturing energy and dedicate an evening to deeply relax, bound with your baby and meet like-minded mothers.

Ebba will start with guiding soft relaxing prenatal yoga followed by Steph working her magic in a relaxing pregnancy friendly soundbath session. We will finish with tea, snacks and a supportive sharing circle.

No experience required, just come as you are, bring a yoga mat (if you don’t have one I got a few).
25 £ including snacks & tea. Book online or pay at the door (not garanteed space)

Women’s Temple is located by londonfields, Hackney E83FF 
Hypnobirthing Workshop 24 of Feb 
How do you feel about birth? This evening is all about giving tools and free expecting mothers from fear around natural childbirth!

We will start the evening with a prenatal yoga. The sequence specially made for childbirth preparation, breathing exercises, swirling feminine shapes to create space and transform our attitude to pain.

After this Hypnobirthing expert  Gabriella Mendy will give us an introductive workshop in hypnobirthing.

“The KG Hypnobirthing technique is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during birth and work towards a smooth and comfortable labour.

In short, hypnobirthing allows you to experience birth in a calming atmosphere, free of the fear and tension that prevents the birthing muscles of your body from functioning as Nature intended them to.”

“It is simple logical and profound”

We will finish this evening with some tea, snacks and sharing in a circle.

When? 24 of Feb 17-19.30 
Where? E8 3FF, Arthaus, building has a porter ask for Ebba 
How much? 25£ book in advance to secure your space or take a chance and pay at the door 
Bring? Yoga mat if you have one if not we got a few extra! 

The space

In our cozy home space we create a warm restful, safe space to explore our inner world and learn new knowledge. 

E8 3FF, Londonfields, Arthaus  
The building has a porter ask for Ebba.

Tea, snacks & Fruit is included. Our open kitchen and big sofa is welcoming for chats before and after sessions. 

We like you to bring your own mat, have a few spares if someone needs one. Pillows and blankets supplied. 


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Now finished my second prenatal training with @realflowyoga was a very good course covering deep knowledge about what actually going on in the body during birth and pregnancy 🤰and how we need to adapt our yoga practice to help common pregnancy downsides like lower back pain, pelvic girdle pain and diastasis (core separation) looking forward to bring this new knowledge into my prenatal classes teaching currently at @londonfieldsyoga Thursdays 6.30-7.30 and NEW class at @fixstudiouk Sunday’s 10-11.15 Welcome 🙏🏼 #pregnancy #prenatalyoga #womenshealth #risingfeminine #yogahackney #hackney #londonfields #wellbeing #womenempowerment #pregnantbelly #pregnancyyoga #fitpregnancy #yogamum


Healing sessions available with me Ebba 🙏🏼 Yoga therapy, breathwork, bodywork, Ayurvedic Massage, crystals, sound healing and guided visualisation to your inner world. I like to combine different traditions and do my own treatment of what I think is needed 💗 90 min 70£ in my beautiful home including an essential oil bath and herbal sauna. Before we start the treatment we will have a wellness talk 💗 A really nice Valentines gift for someone you care about 💗 @womentemple #valentinesday #love #lovespace #risingfeminine #goddessvibes #peace #healing #healingcrystals #london #hackney #healinglondon #wellness #yogahackney #yogalife #womenshealth #nurture #innerglow


New Video up on YouTube 💗👏🏼 “Goddess Mama Flow” delicious circular soft movements working with the second chakra, our womb of creation. Lovely practice not only for pregnant women but for anyone who wants to connect to their water element and step into a soft feminine expression 🌸🌸🌸 #goddessflow #prenatalyoga #yogapregnancy #yogamum #mamalicious #prenatalyogalondon #risingfeminine #shakti #goddesspower #flowing #pregnancy #prenatal #hackney #hackneyyoga #womenstemple