FReespirit ibiza yogaretreat

This Retreat will empower you from the inside, open your heart and set your spirit free whilst discovering "The REAL Ibiza!" 
Get radiant and shining and allow us to look after you with a week of yoga, detoxifying homecooked vegeterian cuisine, healing, workshops and ibiza magic, whilst staying in a private wonderful sea view villa surrounded by nature in the north of the island.  
"Breathe in the fragrance of the pine forest on a nature hike to a secret beach were we do offerings to Goddess Tanit, warrior dance, fertility and protector goddess of the island."

"Stamp your feet in to the earth to the rythm of the drums of Benirras during sunset. "

"Awake your inner mermaid and rub yourself in with the nourishing red clay of ibizas powerful energising red soil."

"Experience healing and heartopening through breathwork with specialist breathwork practicioner Anna-Belle James" 

 "Start your day with an energizing two hour Yoga class and nourish your body with freshly made juices. Calm down mind, body and spirit with a relaxing evening Yin Yoga class"

" Experience the power of nature & Kundalini Yoga" 

 This is a week to open your HEART and set your SPIRIT free!

For detailed discribtion of the week see "program". 

Watch the experience from previous retreats (different villas)

Why IBiza?

Ibiza is magical! There is just no other way to describe it... When you say Ibiza, many might know the island for its massive party scene and glamourous jetsetters, but that is just one part of the island.

Ibiza is also destination for many yogis, healers and spiritual seekers.
There is endless of myths and storys about the island and during the week we will show you "THE REAL IBIZA".

It's said that the earths energy meridians goes straight through the island which make this place incredibly powerful for transformation and to refill with new prana (life force)

The people that fall in love Ibiza get "called back to the island" year after year for their "Ibiza-experience". Whoever you are, everyone who comes to Ibiza has one thing in common; they love the free-spirited non-judgemental atmosphere and to enjoy life! 

an idea of the week

 Day 1 Thursday:
·         Check in and pick up for airport
·         Soft grounding yoga 
·         Welcome dinner

Day 2 Friday
·         Yogic breakfast
·         2 hour Yoga Class, Introduction to Bandhas, Ujjajay breath and               Alignment 
·         After Yoga Juice Bliss
·         Big Brunch Delights
·         Freetime, beach, pool-hang, treatments, wellness-talks
·         Healthy Snack
·         Yin Yoga/Yoga Nidra 
·         Dinner

Day 3 Saturday
·         Yogic breakfast
          2 hours Yoga “Explore your flowstate” ·     
·        After Yoga Juice Bliss 
·         Big Brunch Delights
·         Freetime, beach, pool-hang, treatments, wellness-talks
·         Breathwork workshop with specialist breathworker Anna-Belle                 James
.        Afternoon snack
·        Meditation/Pranayama/Yoga Nidra
·         Dinner
Day 4 Sunday
·         Yogic breakfast
·         2 hours Kundalini Yoga  
·         Big Brunch delights
·        Hippemarket trip to charming San Juan
·         Beachtime at Beautiful Benirras
·         Picknick looking over the sunset…
·         Stamp your feet into the earth dance to the drums in Benirras.
          A “real” Ibiza experience!

Day 5 Monday
·         Yogic Breakfast
·         2 hours awaken your inner mermaid yoga 
·          Fruits served at the beach after yoga and possibility to do a clay            bath and perhaps take a mermaid swim!
·         Big Brunch Delights
·         Freetime, Treatments, Pool-hang, Beach
·         Afternoon Snack
·         Yin/Restorative Yoga
·         Dinner 
Day 6 Thuesday
·         Yogic Breakfast
·         2 hours Yoga, Vinyasa flow 
·         After Yoga juice Bliss
·         Big Brunch Delights
.        Freetime, Treatments, Pool-hang, Beach
·        Nature Treek to secret beach were we do meditation and                           offering cermony to goddess Tanit
·         BBQ Dinner
Day 7 Wednesday
·         Yogic Breakfast
·         2 hours Yoga, Vinyasa Flow
·         After Yoga Juice Bliss
·         Big Brunch Delights
·         Freetime, Pool-hang, treatments, beach time
·         Partner Yoga & Closing ceremony
·         Dinner out at carefully picked restaurant

Day 8 Saturday
·         Goodbye Yoga
·         Breakfast
·         Check-out
·         Depature to Airport

Yoga style

IMG_0645 IMG_0645
During the week you will get introduced to a couple of diffrent yoga-styles. Classes will be sutiable for all levels. Morning class will be more dynamic and evening class meditative/workshop-form.
  • Energtic Vinyasa Flow
  • Kundalini
  • Meditation/Pranayama
  • Yin/restorative yoga
  • Acro/Partner Yoga
  • Breathwork session 


Villa Can Miquel is a beautiful Ibizian-style villa in the green lush Northern part of Ibiza. With sea view and idyllic surroundings in the most desirable part of the island it makes it perfect to relax and reconnect with nature.

All the rooms are tastefully decorated, spacious and light. 

Equipped with swimming pool, green garden, a big porch and barbecue area, a big kitchen, a living room with fireplace, dining room and a big veranda in the top floor facing the sea.

It has wonderful sea views, and it is surrounded by 5000m2 of nature and gardens.

Short drive to the beach (we offer free shuttle) and close to charming San Miguel village. 


DSC_0683 DSC_0683

The food we offer during the retreat is also a part of the transformation you will experience this week. Home cooked vegetarian/raw nutrious and delicious healing food that will help you to rejuvenate, get more energy and feel healthier. Wherever possible most of our products will be sourced locally. The fertile earth of Ibiza produces tons of fresh and colourful vegetables, fruit and nuts. After each morning yoga class you will enjoy a yoga brunch and a freshly pressed juice. 

Afternoon snacks and teas will be served every day to keep you going :-)
After evening class or workshop you get to taste a fantastic heartmade dinner cooked by our amazing retreat chef. One night we will have a BBQ at the house and for those who like we will serve fresh local fish! On Sunday we will enjoy a picnic on the beach and later dance to the drums in the sunset. On our final evening (Monday) we will take you to one of our favourite island eateries (notice that this meal is not included). 

Transfer & Getting around

We will pick you up at the airport, you might have to wait a bit for your fellow travellers, but we have two cars so hopefully things will flow well. If you don't like to wait or arrive very early/late you can get there in a taxi (around 50 euro).  It's about 30-40 min from the airport.

We will provide free shuttle to the nearby beach benirras or san miguel.  We will also drive around to the diffrent excursions.

San Miguel Village is walking distance away (10 min) where there is some cafés if you crave a coffea! 

If you like more freedom we recommend to rent a car to explore the island futher. 

inquire and bookings

freespirit ibiza yoga retreat

Dates:  May 2019 (exact dates coming soon)
North of the island, between Benirras beach and San Miguel

Private marvelous villa with sea view and surrounded by 5000m2 of nature and gardens.


  • Shared double room 1100€ 
  • Single room 1280 €
(Shared bathrooms*)
  • King Suite single room with private bath room 1450 € 


  • 7 nights Accomodation
  • Full board with hearty healthy vegeterian food 
  • Cleansing "after yoga bliss juice"
  • All yoga classes
  • Breathwork session
  • Private yoga/wellness talk.
  • Inner mermaid claybath  
  • Nature Hike to secret beach 
  • Picnic and drumming at magical Cala Benirras
  • Transfer
  • Good times! 
Not included:
Flights, Dinner out the last night (20-30 euro).

Yogastyle: Energtic Vinyasa Flow during morning class. Workshops/restorative/Yin during evning class.

Yoga teachers: 
Ebba Nailini @happysoulyoga

Homecooked vegiterian
heartmade delicous and nutrious food made with love and care. Also a big part of the transformation! 
Getting here: 
International Airport  

Inquire and Booking:

*This house is absolutley fantastic but it's not a hotel it's a private villa! We stay togheter as a big heartfilled family, and sharing 2 bath rooms between 8 people. Our experience is that it will not be a problem with some respect for eachother <3 Also it's better for the island since there is a lot of "lack of water" problems due to all the hotel and the massive impact from tourism. So we are happy to minimilize the exploration of the islands resources. Aho! 

We are the drifters, the dancers, sun worshippers & risktakers, the dreamers, the lovers, belivers & worldchangers....
//People that go to Ibiza

The best thing with Ibiza is that you feel free to be you <3

In Ibiza we all bealive in magic, that's why magic is always present here...

Moving with breath and awerness is an amazing sensation of flowing...

The goddess Tanit attracts all the wild and free women to the island, or the ones who need more of that...

It is said that IBIZA lies on some of earth’s meridian lines which gives it its magical healing powers...

Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.

She had the soul of a gypsy the heart of a hippie and the spirit of a fairy

Transformation means from perfection to perfection... You are perfect the way you are...

To eat well is one form to express self-love <3

Ibiza makes your heart heal and feel free again...

I love the mix of people in Ibiza, you can never tell if the new person you are talking to is homeless or a millionare. Everyone looks like hippies!

"I will never forget the week in Ibiza" //Helen

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self -Bhagavad Ghita

We want to show you "the real Ibiza"...